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 My tekkit application - Jgarciga11

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PostSubject: My tekkit application - Jgarciga11   Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:31 am

Ive been on for about 1 month.
I would like to make factorys that creates things in tekkit.
My favorite biome is extreme hills.
My favorite item Dimaond Block
Favorite tekkit item energy collector.
I am also a building pro.
I like killing creepers cause of there gunpowder. What a Face
I am scared of ender dragons. affraid
--------------------------------- affraid Why i am afraid of ender dragons affraid --------------------------------------------------------
One peaceful morning in the server Maturecraft...
jgar: He the spawner is working
Treehugger: Yep lets make a ditch so mobs fall down it.
Bear: Good idea!
About 2 hours later
jgar: Hm i wonder what happenes if i right click the spawner.
jgar: hm gtg be back later.
jgar: Wait did u guys turn the switch to the spawner on???
bear: yea
jgar: Shocked
Tree hugger was killed by ender dragon
Bear was killed by ender dragon
jgarciga11 was killed by enderdragon
lol! The End( but also lost tons of diamonds)
So that is why i hate ender dragons Very Happy
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My tekkit application - Jgarciga11
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