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 My Tekkit Application

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My Tekkit Application Empty
PostSubject: My Tekkit Application   My Tekkit Application EmptyMon Jul 30, 2012 8:27 am

Your Minecraft Username: CatalysTftw
Your Age: 15
Your timezone or location: Ireland, GMT
Give a brief discription on your knowledge of tekkit: Not much, but I want to learn and understand better.
What good things have you done on the vanilla server?: I'm a member of Bon Temps. I don't grief. I vote when I can, I let people use my farm and I try to be helpful to new players.
Why do you think you should be added?: I am quite active on the vanilla server and would love to learn how to use tekkit.
Do you have any history of Xray, Stealing, Griefing or other things punishable on the vanilla server?: Nope.
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My Tekkit Application
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