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 Permaban: lgates

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Permaban: lgates Empty
PostSubject: Permaban: lgates   Permaban: lgates EmptyMon Sep 03, 2012 2:29 pm

User: lgates
Ban: 5 years ( the command /ban isn't working so i technically tempbanned...)
Banned by: Scubaalex
Reason: Repeated greifing and stealing from other players, including but not limited to... Spamming, Annoying, Ptping and Mining Blocks in other player's mines without permission from them (including blocks of diamond ore and other precious minerals).
Logbolock Never Lies, nor does your signs stating you did these things... Which is a great time to remind players they cannot "remodel" houses built by other players by replacing the blocks they built with the blocks of your choosing. Thank You!
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Permaban: lgates
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