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 Who am I? I am madness

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Who am I?  I am madness Empty
PostSubject: Who am I? I am madness   Who am I?  I am madness EmptyTue Sep 04, 2012 6:08 pm

I am known on here as TheBeastofMadness, and am also referred to that quite often as it is my normal username for everything. I am known as TheBeastofMad on minecraft, and I take pride in making many different things. I like to make things for being useful, and perhaps beauty sometimes, but mostly as a utility for myself and others so long as they have permission from me. I intend to work hard on the server, and otherwise try and help people. I am a bit of a prick to be honest, and will frequently speak my mind so pardon if I step on any toes.
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Who am I? I am madness
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