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 Sudden LEave of absence

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Sudden LEave of absence Empty
PostSubject: Sudden LEave of absence   Sudden LEave of absence EmptyThu Sep 06, 2012 3:45 am

Lol... I have not disappeared yet, Mr. Tea knows where I've been... University started once again, and apparently they fixed the signal so people couldn't play online anymore... I'm trying to hack my way around it, but it might take a while, other than that, most of you (admins) have my e-mail and skype, and I'm always paying attention to the forums, so hopefully I'll be back soon...

And I know Im not an admin or mod, but I'm one of the coolest players in the server lol Razz AHAHAHAHHA Razz clown lol! afro cheers Very Happy Laughing Cool
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Sudden LEave of absence
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