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 Permaban: 12zaza12

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Permaban: 12zaza12 Empty
PostSubject: Permaban: 12zaza12   Permaban: 12zaza12 EmptyTue Jul 24, 2012 2:54 am

User: 12zaza12
Ban: Permanent
Banned by: Scubaalex
Reason: Large grief of the Matrix
Witnesses: cobaltbunny and donthefaun

[7/22/2012 3:00:22 PM] Alex: zaza griefed the matrix... Bad <------ Scubaalex
[7/22/2012 3:00:36 PM] Alex: i fixed it earlier this morning <------ Scubaalex
[7/22/2012 3:00:57 PM] donthefaun: i know like relly bad i killed him there telling hi to stop he knowshes gonna get banned he added me to his chest
Logblock is not recorded in the Matrix

[cobaltbunny] -> [12zaza12]: The Matrix was griefed this morning, how did you do it?
[12zaza12] -> [cobaltbunny]: SHH
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Permaban: 12zaza12
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